Is it really free to list on here?

Yes, if you are the first to list in a category within a location then yes you can register for free. Simply click HERE to be taken to the registration page. Your first year is free, and subsequent years are just £25 (plus VAT) per year. So register as quickly as possible.

What happens if my desired location is not listed?

If your chosen location is not listed then please click HERE. We will consider your request and advise you if we can list your chosen location.

What happens if my desired category is not listed?

If your chosen category is not listed then please click HERE. We will consider your request and advise you if we can list your chosen category.

Can I register as a local charity?

That is no problem at all, Please click HERE to contact us about registering your local charity. Registration is free and it will give you the chance to highlight the great work that you do in your local area. Please note that charity listings are at the sole discretion of the directors of HIGH-5.

Can I list my national charity.

HIGH-5 have chosen their national charities for the present, however this will change and evolve and new national charities will be added. If you wish to be considered as a future national charity, please click HERE and we will make of note of your request.

Can any charity be listed?

Sorry but no. It is at the complete discretion of the directors of HIGH-5 which charities will be listed. The director's choice will be final and will not enter into correspondence.

What is a local support group?

A local support group is a group that provides help and support in the local area. This may be in the form of self-help groups that can help people with medical or social conditions, such as homelessness, drug dependency etc. Any group that provides help in the local community to those in need.

How do I register my local support group?

That is no problem at all, Please click HERE and you can contact us to discuss registering your local support group. Registration is free and it will give you the chance to highlight the important work that you do in your local area.

What is a local hobby / interest club?

This is a group or club in your community for like-minded people. The club could be sporting or craft based, local history, camera, chess, UFO spotting or any club that shares an interest and is looking for new members.

How do I register my local hobby / interest club?

That is no problem at all, Please click HERE and you can discuss the registration of your local interest group. Registration is free and it will give you the chance to highlight your club.

How much will the second and subsequent years cost to register?

The second and subsequent years will cost only £25 (plus VAT) per year to register, so less than 50 pence per week.

How much will it cost to register in two locations?

Having registered in one location then, when you register your second location, you can reward your first location and ask for the £25 to be sent to your first location. When registering simply enter the account number of the first location. This means that the second and subsequent registrations will only cost you £25 (Plus VAT).

How many locations and categories can I register my business?

You can register in as many locations and categories as you desire.

What happens if the location and category already has five members?

We are really sorry but there we will only list five members. You can look in surrounding areas or at other categories to check if another space is still available. It will be worth checking back in the future in case a slot opens up in your desired category and location.

Will I be advised when to re-new my membership?

Yes, we will email you before your membership expires advising you that your membership is about to expire. You will be emailed a link to renew your membership.

Can I register for more than one year?

At present, you can only register for one year at a time, but we are considering making the option to register for multiple years in the future.

Do you really give £25 to charity?

Yes we genuinely do give £25 to charity from your first year's registration fee. Our accounts are audited and any charity donation is passed onto the chosen charity. We have approx 20 national charities that we highlight, but if a local charity has registered then you can donate to that charity.

Do I have to give to charity?

No, you do not. If HIGH-5 has been suggested to you by another member, then you can reward them with your £25. This is our way of saying thank you to our members who bring new members to HIGH-5.

Can I ask to donate to charity and reward another member?

Sorry, but at the time of registration you will be asked to choose. Once you have made your choice it cannot be amended or reversed.

Will there be a charity donation from my second year of registration?

Unfortunately, it is only the first year that you can choose to reward a charity, local good cause or another member. However, we at HIGH-5 are committed to supporting charities and we are going to give a percentage of our profits to our chosen charities from all of the second and subsequent years membership fees. This will be audited by our accountants and will be available for HMRC inspections.

How long after paying to register do I go live on the HIGH-5 site?

Once payment has been processed, you will be live within 24 hours and then you can enjoy the benefits of being in the HIGH-5 community.

How and when do I get my account number?

When your registration is approved and paid, you will be sent an email detailing your account number and if you gave to charity or a referrer (this is at the top of your payment email in the format of id:charity). Please make a note of this number so that you can enter this onto your HIGH-5 referral cards and others can reward you for introducing them to HIGH-5. You will also need to know this number to amend any of your details.

Why do I have different account numbers for different locations or categories?

Each time you register in a new location or category each location or category will be given it's own account number. This allows you to renew only the ones that you want and you can reward yourself. Please see "How much will it cost to register in two locations?"

How do I amend my details on HIGH-5?

Please click HERE to request a change. Please note once registered you cannot move either category or location.

How do I pass on my HIGH-5 details to my other business contacts?

When you register, you will be sent five blank referral cards. There will be two boxes for you to complete. One is you to enter your business or personal name. The other box you will enter your HIGH-5 account number. Then when a new member joins and enters your details on the login page, we will reward them with £25.

Can I get more referral cards?

Yes, simply email us HERE and we will send another five to you.

I see that you offer a website build service for £49 is this correct?

Yes, we will build you a website and host it for three years for you for the price of £49 (plus VAT). You will only need to purchase your domain name in addition to the £49 charge. Please click HERE if you want to register your interest in our website offer.

Why do I have to pay extra for my domain name?

Unfortunately, domain names vary enormously in price so depending on your choice; this will be added to your £49 (plus VAT) charge.

How do I report a fraudulent member?

If you know of a fraudulent member or a member that has been reported for bad practice, please click HERE and we will review your comments.

If you remove me from HIGH-5 will I get a refund?

If the directors of HIGH-5 decide to remove you from HIGH-5 due to malpractice, we will refund your unexpired term less £30 administration fee. If on the very rare occasion that we decide to remove you for our own reasons. We will advise you and refund you the unexpired term without an administration fee.

Can I get a refund if I choose to close my registration?

Sorry but once you are registered your registration will last for a full year and no refund will be allowed.

If a business is listed does this mean you approve them?

No, we do not approve them. We ask you to review their information and to check their suitably based on their known activity. We believe that the best way to find a good trades person is through recommendations. By selecting people from your local area, hopefully friends or family will have knowledge of the person. We are only a listing site, however if you do have knowledge that a business may be acting in an unlawful or fraudulent way please click HERE and we will review your concerns. If we believe that, a member is acting in a fraudulent or unlawful way we will remove them from HIGH-5.

I cannot find the service that I'm looking for in my area.

This means that a business has not registered in that area, please look in other local areas to see if you can find a suitable business for your needs, or try to look at a slightly different type of business.

What happens if my question is not answered here?

If you have a question that has not been answered in our FAQ section, please click HERE to leave a message and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Andy & Steve