Our Aims

  • To help and grow small businesses in your local area and allow them to prosper in these times of austerity.
  • To help customers find local trades and businesses in their area without trawling through thousands of internet adverts.
  • To bring financial help to local and national charities together with local specialist support groups, helping them to continue their valuable help in our times of need.
  • To highlight local social groups so that we can meet and share our interests with others.
  • To make HIGH-5 the go-to website to find local businesses and services in your area.

Why the name HIGH-5?

We all have emergencies and the urgent need to find a local trade or service. One day we were looking for a local plumber on a very well know search engine. It gave us 54,000 results. Somewhere in that 54,000 there may or may not have been a local plumber that could help us. Not a quick solution to our problem.

A second time we wanted some wood for a building project. One of the top results was located hundreds of miles away and only delivered locally. Again of no use to us.

Why run the risk of having your business lost in multiple listings. When someone looks on HIGH-5 all they will see is five local businesses. Potential customers will see 5 pieces of information about your business, your name, address, phone number, email address and a link to your website. That's all very nice, simple and easy to use.

Our Charity ethos

We ask local and national charities to register with us. We all need to help and support these organisations that do so much great work either on a national or local level. We at HIGH-5 are committed to supporting these charities as much a possible.

There is also a huge network of local support groups that need our help, and we at HIGH-5 want to support these local groups.


How do we do this and reward you or charity for less than £1 per week?

Membership costs less than £1 per week with HIGH-5 and gives you immediate visibility in your local chosen business category. For the second and subsequent years it will be £25 (less than 50p per week), a most cost effective way of marketing in your local area.

We only list five businesses in each category per area, meaning your business appears in a concentrated list of local businesses. Should another business join HIGH-5 (regardless of category or area), and say that you introduced them to HIGH-5, you will get a £25 reward from us to you. Therefore, if two businesses join up and say, you introduced them, effectively you will get your listing for free.

Alternatively, with our very strong ethos of charity support, we will donate this £25 to a local or national charity, or a local support group of your choice.

As a trades person or service what are the benefits of registering with HIGH-5

The first year to register is £50 and for staying loyal to HIGH-5 the second and subsequent years are £25. We do NOT charge you any other fees or for getting quotes from potential clients like some other websites. Because you are choosing the category and areas that you want to register in, you can specifically target your local area and so reduce expensive fuel and vehicle costs, as well as reducing your travel time. Potential clients in your area contact you directly; there is no middle person or business. Within your chosen category and location there will never be more than five services listed, so your listing will not be lost amongst thousands of other results.

Other benefits of membership

FREE first year listing for all founder members. A founding member is the first business to register in a category within a location. (You can register in the same category in two areas for free)

Need help with a website? We offer a one page starter site for £49 for three years (plus the cost of your domain name as a separate fee).

Want a particular category or addition area to be introduced? Just ask, and providing it does not conflict with other areas or categories we will add in for you.

A small number of FREE referral cards will be provided, so that when others join HIGH-5, they have your details so we can reward you. (you can request more if you need them).

Andy & Steve